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Contact Improvisation

I've been practicing CI since 2001 and teaching since 2005.  I've taught in 5 different states and 3 different countries, and been lucky enough to learn from some of the most amazing teachers in the field including Martin KeoghNita Little, and Andrew Harwood.


My own approach to teaching Contact Improv is informed by several practices, including Aikido, meditation, and modern dance.

I emphasize meditative awareness in the form, and focus on the body's intelligence.  My goal is to help my students tap into a previously unknown level of somatic sensibility.

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My goal is to help to liberate your body-mind so you can explore new movement patterns and connect more easefully with other bodies.  

Our natural state is one of relaxed embodiment, powerful & fluid in our movements.  Like children on the playground, we shouldn't have to think about how we want to move.  And like children, we should feel free to play!


Current offerings

Click here to find current Contact Improv offerings.

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