All of these can be done as standalone workshops,
or linked together to create a more comprehensive learning experience for your group.

The Basics of Consensus

  • what consent is, what it isn’t

  • how to create agendas for useful meetings​

  • how to keep good minutes

  • the right groups for the right decisions

  • stepping up, stepping back

  • how to use stand-asides and blocks​

Fists in Solidarity

Communitarian Toolkit

  • common hurdles, traps, and challenges in community

  • balancing the needs of individual and group

  • social ecology and different roles

  • power and hierarchy

  • best practices for sex and romance

  • how to hold accountability

Lunch Table

Mastering Group Facilitation

  • different tools for harvesting group wisdom

  • creating meeting agreements

  • establishing good meeting culture

  • what to do when the group is stuck

  • the difference between content and energy

  • working through unexamined group assumptions

Staff Meeting

Conflict Transformation

  • understanding the roots of conflict

  • ways to keep conflict from building up in the first place

  • harnessing the power in differences

  • tools and techniques for mediating

  • when to address conflict in a group versus in person

Man behind Broken Glass

Community Economics

  • tools for sharing expenses (kitties versus divvies)

  • how to set up a community barter network

  • valuing the many different kinds of currency

  • how to address economic disparity

Collecting Money



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